What is the value of a certificate?

Sometimes students are left wondering which one of the academic qualification matters the most as some people consider certificate over degree while others consider degree more valuable. We all are torn between the different academic qualification options and think if certificates are even worth the effort and time that they invest in it.

It is true that certificates open doors to better opportunity and better opportunities means better pay. Certificates can be earned in less duration than a degree and still hold more importance than it because certificates are a proof of certified external knowledge that one has gained apart from their traditional degree.

If someone is wondering that if certificates holds such importance leaving a traditional degree behind then is it possible that the certificate itself could mean more than a degree and if we can consider it as a substitute? Yes it is possible. There are certain certificate programs which require credit hours and these credit hours could make up for a degree and you may be halfway through in achievement of it. But you will require certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi to confirm its validity and originality after that they will be considered by a university. Also remember that this is not always the case your certificate program may not hold any kind of credit hour. Choose wisely when you opt for such programs and check to see which one will benefit the most in the long run.

Don’t stay in dark thinking that certificates won’t be regarded by your employer as a substitute of degree. The truth is that your certificate will hold importance based upon the organization that endorsed the whole program. If the organization is worth recognition then no one can defame your certification in front of degree. We again and again ask you to make your decision smartly as your future depends on it. You will be investing all your time, energy and resources in something from which you may gain anything and everything or not gain anything at all. Just find something that equips your interest and hold importance in the industry and you will be good to go. Seek help from seniors in case of confusion but never leave things unsolved.

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