Why you should add dance in your school

School is a place where every child is sent in childhood and in their twenties to adjust them in the world and environment of the present time. 

However, today schools are not grooming them. They are just teaching them language skills and a few subjects which are not enough. There is need to add some co-curricular activities like dance. 

Dance is the favourite activity of all. It’s addition has so many advantages. Some of them are:

  1. Burden: human has instincts to move. They are made to move, they either want to move mentally or they want to move physically, and dance give them a chance to move their bodies beautifully which form a beautiful rhythm. 
  2. Health: all of your bones and muscles require a minimum amount of movement to remain strong and as fit as fiddle, and dance is the enjoyable way to expand muscles and keep the body flexible. It keeps their heart and lungs healthy and strong by keeping them from cholesterol’s layer and accumulation of fat in capillaries and arteries. Besides this, it teaches them to balance their body and teach them to control their body easily. 
  3. Brain activity: according to a survey, conducted in different dance classes in Dubai, there is a remarkable improvement in brain activity problem solving skills and concentration skills of a person who dance regularly. Thus, addition of dance classes will result in high achievements in schools. They are at lower risk to develop dementia and brain disorders all the time. 
  4. Stress: students love to do something different than studies that give them joy. Like exercise it was found out that dance releases happy hormones and estrogen levels due to which people are, who dance regularly are at lower risk of developing depression. These people are able to manage stress and tensions. 
  5. Personal development and culture: dance is a form of art which provides ground to a person to express himself or herself by moving their legs or balancing their whole body on feet in such a way which can glue the eyes of viewers. These steps in the form of dance teach a person about his or her culture and groom their personalities. It makes them more confident and expressive and these two qualities are needed to survive successfully in this world. 

So, these are few benefits of adding dance classes in schools. There are many schools which have singing lessons in Dubai, in curriculum to improve their attendance and cognitive skills.